Is your network PhaseReady?

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Phase Ready?

As you think about the evolution of your network, don't limit your thoughts to the frequency stability you need now. We want to help ensure that network roll-outs today will still be relevant come the explosion of HetNets and Small Cells.

Will it be Worth All the Pain?

Excellent piece from Graham Finnie, Chief Analyst, Heavy Reading in Light Reading - MWC14: What Are Telcos For? - giving a "from the outside" view of the Congress.

His conclusion, or nightmare scenario if you're a carrier, is that the network could just be a commodity that customers pay a bandwidth and "line rental" fee for. Services are already migrating away from the carriers (why SMS when you have WhatsApp and iMessage; why call with WhatsApp Voice and FaceTime Audio) and will continue to do so.

Of course most of the services running on your network are customer rich and income poor, and so the opportunity for you to sell underlying services is not a great prospect; and you're one step away from Internet Bubble 2.0 bursting, and this one won't be your fault! You'll still get the blame for teenage porn viewing and cyber-bullying though.

Even if charges for service providers on your network were viable, you have the spectre of Net Neutrality hanging over your head. This is described as "the founding principle of an open Internet" and without it would be "the end of the Internet". Net Neutrality though means all traffic must be treated equally - not a good start for revenue generation! And what politician is going to side with you against "the little guy"?

There will be no sympathy for your plight of course. You have a reputation (deserved or otherwise) of milking your customers over many years; exploiting the mobile cash cow in the way Independent Television companies did in the 60s and 70s. A license to broadcast was a license to print money.

So now you're rolling out scalable, flexible Carrier Ethernet backhaul; implementing the tight Traffic Engineering you'll need to deliver microsecond timing at the network edge for all the LTE-A services to come; paying for more and more spectrum and then having the cost of your "old" 2G and 3G spectrum increased; and all for the prospect of an affordable monthly fee!

And will you make anything from a worldwide simulcast of Paul McCartney live from the Cavern (or a TV set that looks like the Cavern)? And who's fault will it be if its not delivered perfectly to any device anywhere?

The future's bright......

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