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Phase Ready?

As you think about the evolution of your network, don't limit your thoughts to the frequency stability you need now. We want to help ensure that network roll-outs today will still be relevant come the explosion of HetNets and Small Cells.

Small Cells World Summit - sync is creeping on to the agenda!

Had the pleasure of contributing to a panel discussion at the Small Cells Backhaul Summit at the ExCeL last week. We had half an hour on the topic "Time and timing distribution for small cells". My co-panellists were Martin Kingston, Principal Designer at EE and Richard Strike, Business Development Manager, Ethernet Access at ADVA Optical Networking; and it was ably moderated by Rami Yaron. The discussion really centred on getting phase to the edge of mobile networks, and how the business case stacks up to achieve this.

Now half an hour doesn't seem like much, and in fact the discussion could have gone on for a LOT longer, but it is half an hour more than last year's event! There were a lot of presentations in the Backhaul Summit that mentioned to various degrees how difficult getting phase to the network edge is going to be, but no real expansion on that at all.

I was pleased that my view of the world chimed pretty well with Martin's; I've known him for many years now and respect his judgement and so if we are in accord I know I'm doing something right! Interestingly the area where we parted company was an unexpected one for me. I've thought that Small Cells would be more expendable than Macro Cells, and that operators could probably stand availability levels less than the five-nines we're used to in the Core. Martin was quite clear that if it is on his network it needs to be available! This will have quite an impact on timing and backhaul technologies; and pose some interesting questions for Small Cell holdover capability.

Small Cells Summit Roundup
Chronos participating at Small Cells World Summit:...

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