Is your network PhaseReady?

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Phase Ready?

As you think about the evolution of your network, don't limit your thoughts to the frequency stability you need now. We want to help ensure that network roll-outs today will still be relevant come the explosion of HetNets and Small Cells.

Donut or Doughnut? Where will your Phase come from?

I've spent a lot of time since the beginning of the year talking to carriers and equipment vendors about the problems using PTP to get phase sync to the edge of networks. This includes talking to both the carrier and vendor about a network that is being installed this year and will need edge phase sync down the line. I've also spoken to two mobile carriers with very different philosophies of likely network rollout to achieve adequate phase sync, and another operator planning a network for rollout in a couple of years still to make such choices.

The fundamental choice seems to boil down to this - are you a donut or doughnut person? In much of the world a donut has a ring shape - hollow in the centre (center if we're following the spelling of donut!). Many believe they can deliver phase sync from "the edge of the core" or access layer. This would involve a layer of GPS PRTC / Boundary Clocks a minimal number of hops from the network edge - a phase sync "donut".

Here in the UK a doughnut is a disc shaped confection with no hole but a large amount of jam (jelly?) in the middle. In this case a smaller number of larger capacity and more resilient GPS PRTC devices would be deployed in the network core; disseminating phase sync through a network path that would probably demand full PTP awareness and on-path support.

Of course many factors in your network design could tip you from the donut to the doughnut - will you be deploying in largely legacy sites or is this a "green field" project; is it planned to have some or all of your traffic carried through a third party Managed Service; will you be using third party "dumb pipes" to transport your PTP packets for at least part of their journey to the edge?

Even if your LTE-A plans are a year or two away, you need to be thinking whether you are a donut or doughnut network. We at Chronos are developing "Phase Ready" tools to help carriers make these decisions, then implement and monitor them.

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