Is your network PhaseReady?

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Phase Ready?

As you think about the evolution of your network, don't limit your thoughts to the frequency stability you need now. We want to help ensure that network roll-outs today will still be relevant come the explosion of HetNets and Small Cells.

Do you understand how Phase will be delivered to the edge of your Network?

If you're planning, or working towards planning, to rollout out LTE-TDD or LTE-A services, do you know what technologies are available to you and how your network can support these? How do ITU Standards fit in with your network? If you will have Operational responsibility for a Phase Delivery system, how do you ensure you can support it in a timely fashion with the resources you will have available? What Element and Network Testing do you need to do to prepare for this, and how will you interpret any results?

How much of your network is in your direct control? Will you have the ability to be responsible for your own Timing Delivery? Will your voice be loud enough in your own organisation to make this a success? How much resource will you have for planning and preparation? How many PoPs do you have that can support deployments of equipment to support your Edge Timing? How well will your Edge Microwave support Phase Delivery? How will you keep an eye on Timing Delivery performance? How will your Timing Delivery cope with rerouting and Switch, Router and Gateway failure? How will your Timing Delivery cope with Timing Equipment failure?

That's a lot of questions and although we won't have the answers to all of them we do have a clear vision of the range of challenges you face, and the toolkit we have available to enable you to deliver microsecond phase to the Network Edge in a manageable and supportable way.

Come to our free event at Kings Place ( on Wednesday June 3rd; I can't guarantee you will leave with fewer questions than when you arrive, but you will have the answers to most of them at your disposal! Register now for free at

Kings Place Agenda finalised
Chronos PhaseReady Summit 3 June 2015

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