Is your network PhaseReady?

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Phase Ready?

As you think about the evolution of your network, don't limit your thoughts to the frequency stability you need now. We want to help ensure that network roll-outs today will still be relevant come the explosion of HetNets and Small Cells.

Achieving phase synchronisation between macro and small cells

Achieving phase synchronisation between macro and small cells

Phase synchronisation between macro and small cells must be achieved if key services are to operate effectively and reliably.  With over 25 years’ experience in industrial GPS systems and network timing solutions, Chronos has now developed three services to help operators assess and prepare their networks for these new challenges.

PhaseReady™ Design and Test: A consultancy service that has already been deployed in a number of equipment manufacturers helping them prepare their products for the market. The service is tailored to meet the objectives of the client and a recent example was a study of the impact of enabling SyncE to support PTP timing transfer.

PhaseReady™ Core: A service that uses advanced tools to assess the suitability of existing GPS / SSU / Grandmaster system locations to supply phase aligned timing signals into the network for distribution.  In-house developed testing methodologies combined with the use of tools including TimePortTM to ensure the phase performance of key GPS sites is properly engineered.

PhaseReady™ Network: A service that works with network planning and operations teams to assess how best to engineer the sync distribution within the network so that the application performance requirements are met. This service identifies the design decisions and parameters in the network that may or are affecting the delivery of good enough phase to the application that requires it.


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